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From 2002-2006, Bryan served in the United States Marine Corps. An experience that changed his life forever. As he explains it, “It made me appreciate the simple things and life in general a whole lot more.” Then, he worked a few jobs, some better than others, trading time for dollars, and not many days off. BUT… what he found out is that there’s a whole new world out there. Becoming a Vetrepreneur!

His Story:
Along the way during my journey, I met some key people in business, I fell into the financial industry, and started immersing myself into the business world. I realized that there was an entirely new mindset when it comes to business and when you’re surrounded by the right people, doing the right things, and have access to the right resources, anything is possible.

I’m extremely passionate and love what I do, helping people get what they want, just faster. When it comes to money, it’s never going to go away. There’s no better feeling than helping people make and save money, because everyone likes doing it, most just don’t know where to get the information they need.

Being a Veteran myself, having been down that road and experiencing money problems, I know that Veterans need tremendous help when it comes to managing their money, but what I’m also finding out is that they’re looking for new ways to make more money. I can now help them begin a new journey, a journey that will never stop paying them, a journey that they are in control of, entrepreneurship.

The Marines gave me powerful tools, instilled discipline, dedication, commitment, and drive that I also bring to my profession. These are the same disciplines that all Veterans posses. Veterans are Leaders! We’re looking for more LEADERS to help us defend this great nation from Mediocrity!

I believe highly in continued education, personal and professional development, and mentorship. I’ve sought personalized training from business building experts, including the “Money Smart Guy” Matthew Sapaula, also a Military Veteran out of Chicago, IL.

I’m the proud father of two awesome boys and I love to spend most of my free time with my beautiful wife and children. My firm holds frequent online seminars, coaching and mastermind group sessions, along with live events that explore the misconceptions of traditional wealth-building strategies and successful entrepreneurship.

Bryan Regnier, is an entrepreneur coach and financial coach with the goal of redefining his clients’ future by giving them the information, tools and guidance they need to take charge of their finances and create a better life. His crusade is to proactively educate the community in financial strategies, helping people identify hidden assets and encourage them to turn missed opportunities into second chances. He’s taking a stand and helping VETERANS fight for their FAMILY’S FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Bryan Regnier | Vetrepreneur


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