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Are you a transitioning Veteran looking for the benefits of being a Veteran? Google… The final frontier, these are the voyages of the Google Enterprise. WE can sometimes get lost in the search. Depending on what you’re looking for… we live in the information age and content is everywhere. There a many resources you can utilize that you may find useful when it comes to benefits for Veterans.

How many Veterans organizations are available today? Too many to count… and just like Baby Boomers, every company and industry is trying to find a way to take advantage of the Veteran community. I’m not talking about a harmful way(I’m sure there are a few), but in a way to help Veterans and provide value to them.

I will share with you a few that I have found useful, that I believe you can benefit from. I did not find these organizations through a google search, I found them through referrals, either by social media or in person. I keep up with their organizations and see what they’re doing to provide benefits for Veterans. I’m not stating the obvious… such as the VA or VFW. I’m sure you can find those on your own. Additionally, every state typically has their own departments with benefits for Veterans as well that you can take advantage of.

These are the few that I follow and full disclosure: I’m don’t receive anything for sharing their information (They are not in any particular order).

Benefits For Veterans I’ve Found Helpful

  • ACP Advisors – A non-profit focusing on connecting Veterans with Business Leaders. A lot of great information about career development, advice on resumes & interviewing, and tips about building a small business.
  • DAV (Disabled American Veterans) – A great organization. They will help and provide you with many different things regarding representation, assistance, outreach, etc… to you and your family.
  • Bunker Labs – Ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur?  A great organization providing a peer-learning environment for veteran entrepreneurs.
  • RallyPoint – Social media for Military Veterans. You’ll find some thought leaders who share valuable information and you can share your knowledge as well.
  • Veterans Advantage – A discount program where you can get access to many different discounts with many different products and services as a Veteran.
  • Wounded Warrior Project – Created to empower and assist our wounded veterans but they do much more than that. A great organization I have been donating too for many years now.

These organizations I follow on a consistent basis. I have received value from each one of them in some way shape or form.

What organizations do you follow that provide benefits for Veterans? Please share in the comment section below!


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